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RDC Job: Authenticator Healthcare

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Title Authenticator Healthcare
Categories Fresher Jobs, freshers, Recent
Location Anywhere
Job Information
Client is providing crowd sourcing support for needy and economically challenged patients including patients from middle class families who cannot afford escalating medical costs of treatment. Applications are received stating urgency with medical certificates attached and it has been observed that on several occasions false information is passed along with request for funds. The job profile involves medical authentication of applications. The team currently authenticates
  1. Existence of the patients by physical verification
  2. Doctor’s involvement through televerification
  3. Professional review of medical certificates
  4. Medical review and third opinion
The job profile involves empanelling socially minded doctors of different streams who will medically review and provide a third opinion. This authentication will be communicated to potential donors during the crowd sourcing process. The client does not charge or take any remuneration for this activity. The empanelled medical professionals and specialists
  1. will not be required to work for more than 1 – 2 hrs per week
  2. Review provided medical documents and give professional opinion
  3. Do not need to travel or visit or see the person
  4. We are looking at cities of Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam to empanel doctors of 20 different streams.
This work is a time bound activity to be completed within 3-6 months by committed passionate individual. Bulk of the work can be done through emails, calls and computers. Sometimes, visits to doctors may be required. Passion & commitment with a high level of responsibility is more important than experience.
Advances in medical care comes at a high cost and over 70% of patients who can take advantages of these advances are unable to afford treatment. Client is looking at better healthcare, medical insurance planning and crowd sourcing to help patients in need. Interested candidates can apply here.
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